Wojciech Kos (POL)

Alter: 48
Beruf: Geschäftsmann
Flugzeug: ASG 29E-15 (SP-3769/KOS)
Flugstunden (Segelflug): 2700
Qualifizierung: 3rd Zar

Kurzvorstellung des Piloten:

I received my Glider Pilot License in 1984 and Plane Pilot License in 1985.
My total gliding hours 2700 and 500 in airplane.
Glider Instructor, badge Gold 3 Diamonds.
I took part in Glider Championship of Poland many times and was ranked in top of competitors.
I also participated in major European championships, such as Glider Championship of Slovakia, Pribina Cup, Flight Challenge Cup, FAI World Gliding Championship Vinon 2006 – Club Class.
Recently I experienced flying in Andes.