Grußwort des IGC-Präsidenten Bob Henderson

Dear Friends
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to this, the 4th FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix Final.
The history of the GP event is short; a mere 10 years, but the energy and enthusiasm that this style of glider racing has created is fantastic.
The vision of Terry Cubley and the dedication of Roland Stuck and Brian Spreckley, to make this style of glider racing a success, have been the driving forces behind this event.
And now we are combining the 4th FAI GP Final with the Centenary of gliding at the Wasserkuppe. A more fitting location and timing for the GP Final I could not imagine.
I wish you all success with this event. For the pilots: you have all proven yourselves worthy through the qualification rounds and now you have the opportunity to each test yourselves against your peers. For the organisers: you have worked hard to overcome the challenges facing you and now have the opportunity to showcase the Wasserkuppe and all that it can offer.
I trust that you will all enjoy the racing, enjoy the celebrations and enjoy the opportunity to share time with your friends at this wonderful and historic gliding site.
But, above all, fly safely.

My best wishes for an enjoyable and competitive event

Bob Henderson
President, IGC